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Âmes de fous

Meet the Archive: Discover hidden gems from our collection

25 May 2019 12.00-18.00, free entrance

Once a year Eye’s collection specialists present new acquisitions, remarkable discoveries and restoration projects.

It’s a unique chance to look behind the scenes and get to know the vast riches of Eye’s collection, to meet the curators and restorers and hear their stories about the extraordinary projects they’re involved in.

At Meet the Archive day you will be the first to learn about results achieved, new innovative presentation ways and collaborations between filmmakers and international archives.

With live music by Stephen Horne. The language is English. 

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Âmes de fous: collections La Cinémathèque française

  • Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator Eye) & Frank Roumen (Sector Manager for the Collection)

  • Rommy Albers (Senior Curator Eye) & Mark Paul Meyer (Senior Curator Eye)

  • Anne Gant (Head of Film Conservation and Digital Acces Eye) & Digital Acces Eye) & Soeluh van den Berg (Head of Film-related Collections Eye)

  • Simona Monizza (Curator Eye) & Dorette Schootemeijer (Curator Eye)

  • Elif Rongen (Curator Eye) & Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator Eye)

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