Attention: this program has passed. The current programs can be found here with EYE

Previously Unreleased 2017

from july 6

EYE Film Museum puts the spotlight on films that were selected for prominent international film festivals but were inexplicably not released in Dutch theatres. Featured in our Previously Unreleased programme this summer are about a dozen of these films, starring actors like Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern and Hailee Steinfeld in remarkable roles. The premiere performances in EYE or the FilmHallen will be introduced by journalists from De Filmkrant.

The titles have been selected from the available films previously shown at international festivals and cover the  versatile range of international arthouse films. This year’s programme includes the latest productions by Ulrich Seidl (Safari), Kelly Reichardt (Certain Women) and Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Homo sapiens), in addition to the widely debated Nocturama (Bertrand Bonello) and the aesthetic and radically designed feature film debut Maudite poutine by Karl Lemieux.

The programme leads the viewer from the arid plains of Argentina to the impressive mountain landscape of Montana, from utterly deserted places on earth that have been reclaimed by nature to the hectic mind-set of a hyper-manipulative American high school teenager. Paris is almost casually targeted by young terrorists, in Slovakia a former Olympic boxer tries to scrape by, while in Hungary a young woman takes her son on a trip to revisit the places of her youth.

In spite of the variety in choice of subject and cinematic approach, all titles have an essential feature in common: total dedication. Those films simply had to be made, often against all financial odds. This gives the selection an immediate urgency: many of the films reflect the turbulent political and social developments of recent years.
Weekly premieres from 6 July alternately at EYE or the FilmHallen and selected film theatres in the Netherlands.