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Scorsese Chooses

From May 25 to September 3

At EYE’s request, Martin Scorsese put together a film programme based on EYE’s collections and the Scorsese-led Film Foundation. The programme bears witness to Scorsese’s boundless passion for cinema, ranging from American film noir and European classics to Japanese masterpieces and world cinema made in countries like Cuba and the Philippines.

The selection throws light on the films and directors that inspired Scorsese as a filmmaker and underscores the shared mission of EYE and Scorsese’s Film Foundation: to preserve and restore films and present them on the big screen. The majority of the Film Foundation restorations presented here are screened in the Netherlands for the first time, including Marlon Brando’s cult Western One Eyed Jacks (4K restoration) and the infectious Moroccan music documentary Trances (El hal). Scorsese selected from EYE’s collections a number of long-unscreened films by favourite directors like Michael Powell (I Know Where I’m Going) and Roberto Rossellini (Paisà) and the Chinese filmmaker Tian Zhuangzhuang (The Blue Kite).

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