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The Way of Jim Jarmusch

From February 2017

To mark the premiere of Jim Jarmusch’s latest film Paterson, EYE rereleases his first six films to 30 Dutch theatres: Permanent Vacation, Down by Law, Stranger than Paradise, Mystery Train, Night on Earth and Dead Man. Jarmusch (1953) is one of the  greatest living filmmakers. He has a soft spot for outsiders who seem to drift through life and end up somewhere almost by coincidence  – just like in real life. They are strangers in their own country. Jarmusch’s seemingly casually composed, often drily humorous films highlight the ordinary events most people take for granted.

The key, I think, to Jim, is that he went gray when he was 15 ... As a result, he always felt like an immigrant in the teenage world. He's been an immigrant – a benign, fascinated foreigner – ever since. And all his films are about that”. - Tom Waits in The New York Times