Andrej Tarkovski, op de set van De Spiegel, 1973. Foto Vladimir Murashko

Today at Apple at Eye

28 September through 30 November

On Saturdays from 28 September to 30 November, Today at Apple and Eye Filmmuseum will be hosting a series of free creative sessions focused on themes inspired by Tarkovsky’s techniques.

In collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum, Apple is offering a new experience to visitors with the aim of inspiring learning, encouraging connection and unlocking creativity.

As part of Today at Apple, Eye Filmmuseum will be hosting a series of free sessions focused on several themes inspired by Tarkovsky’s techniques: capturing cinematic shots, photographing light and shadow, and creating a movie trailer.

For 10 weeks, on Saturdays from 28 September to 30 November, visitors to Eye Filmmuseum will be able to participate in these Today at Apple sessions for audiences of all ages. They will be held in the exhibition rooms, the workshop area, and in and around the Eye Filmmuseum.

Video Walk: Capturing Cinematic Shots

From shooting a video for social media to starting your full-length film, learn camera techniques inspired by Tarkovsky, that you can incorporate when recording on iPhone. You’ll collaborate with others to set up and practise different shot types on location. Get hands-on with the latest iPhone in this session or bring your own. Recommended for all skill levels.

Andrej Tarkovski, Larisa Tarkovskaya en Dak, Myasnoye, 1981, Rusland, Polaroid

Photo Walk: Capturing Light and Shadow

Explore how to find the best light for taking photos. Inspired by Tarkovsky, we’ll show you how to look for light sources around you, incorporate shadows for contrast and mood, and share editing techniques to enhance your images. iPhone or iPad devices will be provided, or bring your own. Recommended for all skill levels.

Video Lab for families: Creating a Movie Trailer

Kids and families will learn how to make movies together. You’ll brainstorm ideas, storyboard and get hands-on capturing footage with iPad. You’ll collaborate to create an exciting movie trailer and explore editing techniques using iMovie. Each group will showcase their trailer at the end of the session. Bring your iPad or we’ll provide one. Recommended for all skill levels.

Today at Apple

Today at Apple offers hands-on group sessions focused on photography, video, music, coding and apps, health and fitness, art and design, and more. The sessions are free at every Apple Store worldwide and allow visitors to find the right session for their interests and skill level in order to unlock their creativity, inspire learning and encourage connection.

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Saturday, 30 Nov 2019