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Maudite soit la guerre

UNESCO Day 2014

October 26th

In 2005 UNESCO declared October 27th as the World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage (WDAVH) to raise awareness of the significance of audiovisual documents and to draw attention to the need to safeguard them. EYE has been honoring this day in the past years through various public events. In 2014 EYE will be celebrating the WDAVH on Sunday 26th of October in its public building in Amsterdam.

Throughout the day, the patrons visiting EYE will be surprised with hundred year old short films before the regular film screenings, invited to participate in quizzes about film history and win film-related prizes. EYE’s collection and restoration specialists will be present at the “film heritage” desk at the entrance, showing and telling before/after sequences from restorations, and answering questions about film preservation and EYE’s running preservation projects. In the basement, specialists from EYE’s film-related collections will display remarkable collection pieces such as stereoscopes.

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In the afternoon (16.00), a special Cinema Concert will present the new digital restoration of the pacifist film Maudite soit la guerre (1914) undertaken in 2014 by Cinematheque Royale de Belgique, in collaboration with EYE. This screening will be accompanied live by pianist Joachim Baerenz and soprano Pien Straesser.

crowd-funding campaign

In the evening, EYE will hold the premiere of ‘Breng Amsterdam in Beeld!’; where the results of EYE’s first crowd-funding campaign to restore some of the oldest images of Amsterdam will be presented to the patrons who participated through donations to this project.

On Monday the 27th, the official WDAVH day, EYE will place these Amsterdam films, along with a number of previously restored ones, on its website. In this way, the audio-visual heritage from Amsterdam will become available to a worldwide audience via streaming video.

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