Tour of the permanent exhibition

In the Panorama, the students will dive into the rich film collection of Eye, play themselves in a film scene, and do the film quiz. The programme also includes a tour of the museum’s most impressive objects.

The tour is given by an Eye museum lecturer. How does a green-screen work? Where were Hollywood’s classics filmed? How did the first camera originate? The students go off in groups to do research on their own assignments.

Click here to learn more about the Panorama. This tour can also be booked in combination with a film screening, film programme, or workshop.


60 minutes


60 per group

Number of students

Maximum of 15 per group, maximum 2 groups at once in the Panorama.

Number of supervisors

Bring two supervisors per 30 students. When booking, we will always discuss the definitive number of supervisors with you. Entrance for supervisors is free..

Key goals

Orienting yourself in the world (time): 51, 52

Artistic orientation: 54, 56

Book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.