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still from À plein temps (Eric Gravel, FR 2021)

À plein temps

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Eric Gravel / FR, 2021 / 88 min.

Julie, a working mother of two children in a Parisbanlieu, never has enough time. When a strike breaks out, everything is thrown into chaos. Éric Gravel’s second film is an exciting, realistic portrait of the extreme tension low-paid workers have to endure.

poster À plein temps (Eric Gravel, FR 2021)

For nine days, we follow the hectic life of former marketing researcher Julie, who now combines a full-time job leading a team of cleaners in a chic Paris hotel with caring for two children. When a strike paralyses public transport, Julie has to go to extreme lengths to get to work – an almost impossible task.


Before the screening of À plein temps, you can watch the short film Blindelings (2') from the Eye collection. This 2014 animated film by Joanne van der Weg is about what you hear when you can't see and do something mundane like taking a train ride to Rotterdam Central? The click of a cane on the paving stones, the barking of a scary dog ​​and the recognizable station and train sounds enter the viewer in a penetrating way.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 9 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Eric Gravel

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À plein temps


88 min.







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