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Theo van Gogh / NL, 1994 / 90 min.

Ariane Schluter (Sarah) and Ad van Kempen (Wilbert) experience a stormy phone sex relationship in the pre-internet age. Theo van Gogh proved his mettle as a director of actors in this film adaptation of a play by Johan Doesburg.

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Van Gogh managed to turn the play that had been written and directed by Dutch playwright Van Doesburg into a taut and stark film. The result is an involved account of the erotic phone encounter between a man and a woman.Wilbert is a single architect responding to the sex ad posted by Sarah. They phone each other once a week and a stormy phone sex relationship ensues; he wants more, but she wants to nurture her fantasies and holds off any encounters in the flesh. Wilbert, however, refuses to take no for an answer.06 was widely acclaimed by the film critics who had previously dismissed Van Gogh”s film style as “adolescent”, “vulgar” and “revolting”. Van Gogh”s seventh feature film even won the Dutch Film Critics award at the Netherlands Film Festival, while Ariane Schluter received the Special Jury Prize.

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Theo van Gogh

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Theo van Gogh

On November 2 2014, it will be exactly ten years ago that columnist, interviewer and filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered. Eye screens his thirteen feature films and four of his favourite classics. Talk shows, live music and interviews further fill out the programme.

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