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Bruno barbey 10 mei 1968 paris 5th arrondissement

1968: This Is Just a Beginning

The spirit of May 1968 comes alive on the opening night of EYE’s film programme '1968: You Say You Want a Revolution'. In between films, clips and introductions, The Silverfaces bring music from the revolutionary year 1968.

Beeldmateriaal 1968

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the May events in Paris, the sound of ”68 reverberates in EYE”s film theatres. In May 1968 students, factory workers and filmmakers rose up against the authorities, carrying with them not only bricks but also agile and light 16mm cameras. What lessons can we living in the Trump era learn from this cinema of protest, the activism and the struggle for equal rights?

EYE programmers Anna Abrahams and Ronald Simons and their guests look ahead at the programme. Roel Janssen (journalist, author of the recently published 1968 You Say You Want a Revolution) talks about Paris and Mexico, Filip Bloem (former programmer at the Czech Centre in The Hague) looks back on Czecho-Slovakia, while Tracy Metz (journalist and director of the John Adams Institute) discusses the events taking place in the United States in 1968.

The Silverfaces will perform live this evening in between the films, fragments and introductions. They will play music from 1968, including The Beatles, Joe Cocker, Cream and Deep Purple, but also perform work of their own with a groovy sixties vibe. A song that is just right for this night is Even The Lord, which they wrote for Rebellious City, a film about the 1960s Dutch Provo movement.

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Fifty years ago, students, factory workers and filmmakers challenged the Establishment, from Paris to Mexico City, carrying not only bricks but also agile and light 16mm cameras.

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