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still from Annie Hall (Woody Allen, US 1977)

Annie Hall

Woody Allen / US, 1977 / 93 min.

Woody Allen is Alvy Singer, a New York stand-up comedian who analyzes the decline of his relationship and desperately asks himself what went wrong. There is no answer. Instead, there’s an exceptionally funny, unbearably sad and brilliantly told tale.

poster Annie Hall (Woody Allen, US 1977)
After his marriage fails, Singer meets Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) during a game of tennis. While she immerses herself in a glamourous world of parties, music and drugs, Alvy struggles with his many neuroses. Allen made this autobiographical film as a love letter to his muse Keaton, who here once again rises to great heights thanks to their natural chemistry. Annie Hall marked Allen’s definitive breakthrough, winning Oscars for Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, and Best Actress.

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Woody Allen

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Annie Hall


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still from Annie Hall (Woody Allen, US 1977)
still from Annie Hall (Woody Allen, US 1977)
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