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Wim Wenders / DE, 2023 / 93 min.

Not all art documentaries are equal. And then there is Wim Wenders’ spectacular 6K, 3D narrative that physically transports you into the life and work of the very famous, very German, very huge format artists Anselm Kiefer. What motivates him?

poster Anselm (Wim Wenders, DE 2023)

Eye shows the 2D and 3D versions of Anselm. According to Wim Wenders, 3D is still an underestimated technology when it comes to making art documentaries. His Pina (2011), an ode to the German pioneer of modern dance, transported viewers through Pina Bausch’s universe. Never before had it been possible to experience dance so close up and spatially in all its physicality and mobility.

In Anselm, Wenders also makes the giant-sized paintings and sculptures almost literally tangible. The 3D camera caresses the paint surface and the texture of the sculptures, taking viewers on a journey through the artist's ginormous studio in La Ribaute in southern France, making them feel like they are walking in the artist’s shoes.

In the show overview, you will see when a show is in 3D, and the subtitles can also be seen behind the show. Is '3D' not listed for a show? That means the film will be screened in 2D.

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Wim Wenders

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Anselm - Das Rauschen der Zeit


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still Anselm (Wim Wenders, DE 2023)
still Anselm (Wim Wenders, DE 2023)
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