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Anthony McCall: Now – Black Smoking Mirror, Conical Solid, Line Describing a Cone

Who is the creative spirit behind the screening: the director, the projectionist, the audience - or are they all just cogs in a larger mechanism: that of the cinema apparatus itself?

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World premiere of Black Smoking Mirror (Prins & Van Boven, 2014), a performance about resistance and obstruction of the canvas by laser engraving surrounded by electronic sound. Followed by McCall's 16mm performances Conicial Solid and Line Describing a Cone.Double bill with Now - Performing Cinema. Hosted by EYE every Tuesday evening, EYE on Art is where film and art meet. Would you like to be kept up to date? If so, why not register for the EYE on Art newsletter?!Tickets for the double bill are available at the ticketdesk in EYE.


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