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Apóstolo, O

Fernando Cortizo / ES, 2012

Spanish director Fernando Cortizo’s visually overpowering animated film premieres this month. O Apõstolo is the thrilling adaptation of a Spanish legend about a village haunted by an age-old curse. The soundtrack was written by the celebrated composer Philip Glass, the puppets were made by the Dutch stopmotion studio Pedri Animation.

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Ramón has escaped from prison and is making his way towards a mountain village near Santiago de Compostela dressed as a pilgrim. Once arrived at his destination, he hopes to unearth a hidden treasure. He is taken in by a few elderly people who want him to head the annual procession of dead souls – very dead souls. Will Ramón manage to get out of the village alive?

The film is based on the ancient Galician legend of the Santa Compaña, according to which the procession of dead souls announces death: the procession always stops at places where death will take its toll.

The Dutch stopmotion studio Pedri Animation produced the puppets for this animated suspense film. The heads of the dolls are modelled after those of the voice actors in the film, including Luis Tosar, Carlos Blanco and Géraldine Chaplin. The hypnotizing soundtrack was composed by none other than Philip Glass.



Fernando Cortizo

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Apóstolo, O





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