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still Arachnophobia (Frank Marshall, US 1990)

Arachnophobia (35mm)

Koolhoven & Simons: Arachnophobia

During spring break, Koolhoven & Simons present a special youth creepy edition of their programme, kicking off with trailers from great scary movies such as Vampire in Brooklyn, Teen Wolf and Beetle Juice, followed by the main feature Arachnophobia.

poster Arachnophobia (Frank Marshall, US 1990)

Scared of spiders? In Arachnophobia, luckily there are also plenty of laughs, and no real horror. In the style of entertaining early B movies, Arachnophobia ('fear of spiders') treats us to brilliant acting from Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, who end up in a creepy-comical adventure with arachnids.

Jerry Manley travels to a remote sinkhole in the Amazon rainforest to help Dr. Atherton’s research expedition. Upon returning to camp, an unlucky cameraman is bitten by a deadly poisonous spider, who then hitches a ride to the US in his coffin...

Spider-cam-images give a spine-tingling impression of the spread of the spiders through the American suburbs, sharply directed by Marshall, who previously produced adventure classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergeist and Gremlins. Gruesomely great!

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Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultScenes from this movie may cause fear


Frank Marshall

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Martin Koolhoven & Ronald Simons







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Koolhoven & Simons

Every month, Koolhoven and Simons will be scrutinizing the genre film, presenting films within pretty forthright themes that have never before been screened at Eye. Expect evenings on Trucker, Grindhouse or Revenge of Nature films. A tribute to rarely screened trailers and forgotten classics, where possible in 35mm, using films from Eye’s collection.

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campaign image Martin Koolhoven & Ronald Simons
still Arachnophobia (Frank Marshall, US 1990)
still Arachnophobia (Frank Marshall, US 1990)
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