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As Bodas de Deus

João Monteiro / FR, PT, 1999 / 150 min.

The third part of Monteiro’s trilogy involving a sensualist ascetic who lives the life of a god. The film of choice of the Portuguese artists João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, whose  work is currently on show in the EYE exhibition Celluloid.

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After the erotic A comédia de Deus (1995), this final part of the trilogy follows the immensely rich septuagenarian João de Deus as he prevents a woman from killing herself and falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful Elena, his friend”s girlfriend. Director Monteiro himself plays the old man who lusts after young girls with great verve. This atheist saint can be regarded as Monteiro”s ironic alter ego. Banality merges effortlessly with subtle absurdism and classical erudition. The camera work by Mário Barroso is magnificent.

As bodas de Deus (God”s Wedding) is the film of choice of the Portuguese artist duo João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, whose work can now be seen in the EYE exhibition Celluloid. Gusmão & Paiva create extraordinary and multi-layered film installations using numerous 16mm projectors and projections. The artists themselves refer to their work as “poetical philosophical fiction”.



João Monteiro

Production year




Original title

As Bodas de Deus


150 min.





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