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William kentridge 10 drawings for projection other faces 2011 campagnebeeld 0

Between Friends: William Kentridge & Denis Hirson

The friendship between artist William Kentridge – whose work is currently exhibited at Eye – and author Denis Hirson has been going strong for almost forty years. The two friends have been discussing the situation in the world, in art and in their personal lives for just as long. This evening they will continue their conversation at Eye and present the prepremiere of an excerpt from Kentridge’s latest film The Mouth is Dreaming (2019). Kentridge and Hirson will also sign their book.


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William Kentridge (2019)

In 2015, the South African artist William Kentridge donated 10 Drawings for Projection (1989-2011) to the Eye Filmmuseum. These ten short animation films marked Kentridge’s breakthrough on the international art scene. Illuminating the eventful history of South Africa, these films will be shown at Eye this summer as part of a larger installation.

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William Kentridge, 10 Drawings for Projection, Other Faces (2011)
William kentridge 10 drawings for projection tide table 2003
William kentridge 10 drawings for projection weighing wanting 1998 300dpi
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