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BFFE - Daughters of Dolma

Dolma is the Tibetan name of Tara, a Buddhist female deity, and means 'she who saves'. Dolma is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action. She is known as the mother of all Buddhas.

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Daughters of Dolma takes you to Nepal to reveal a distinctively female experience of Tibetan Buddhist nuns. From the use of Facebook to a love of horror films these nuns never fail to challenge our preconceptions by integrating the craziness of the modern world into their ancient form of monastic lives.The filmmakers lived for some time among the nuns from Karma Ngoedhon Osal Choekhorling and Karma Samte Ling Nunneries. During frank discussions they discuss how gender and modernity influence contemporary spiritual practices.Q&A with director Adam Miklos(Source: BFFE)


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