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BFFE - Kikker Zit Stil: Mindfullness voor Kinderen

Children are often too busy, just like adults. Like their parents they have many obligations:  at school, in the family and during leisure time.

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Eline Snel is a pioneer in Mindfulness training for children. Her book: Sitting quietly like a frog, Mindfulness for Children (5-12 years) and their parents is an international best seller, published in 27 countries and sold in 124.000 copies. How did the book create such an impact?To find out we followed a group of pupils at an elementary school in Leusden. Eline is teaching them mind exercises like The worry factory, the spaghetti test and the ball of compliments. We also see Eline with her daughter in Hong Kong. Here she trains teachers and therapists who want to work with her method. What changes do the children and their parents experience while following Eline”s lessons?Q&A with director Jaap Verhoeven and special guest Eline Snel(Source: BFFE)


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