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BFFE - Modern Monks

About sense and nonsense of zen and life. Seven different monks and nuns and their Zen master Kosen, also known as Stéphane Thibaut share how zen formed their lives and what practice means to them.

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Jossy, Thierry, Fred & Paula, Christophe en Ton & Angie live across Europe leading diverse lives, sharing Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, trying to integrate their practice. Master Kozen represents the Soto Zen tradtion in Europe and South-America, following the footsteps of master Taisen Deshimaru from Japan. Sitting quietly in the lotus posture is the essence of this Buddhist tradition.This portrait of modern Zen monks reveals that there is no blueprint for monastics in the year 2014.Q&A with director Julia Strijland(Source: BFFE)


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