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Three marks of existence still 1

BFFE - Three Marks of Existence

M, a young man whose troubles finding a job and with his girlfriend lead him to blame bad karma from his previous life, decides to go on a pilgrimage to the four major holy sites of Buddha: Lumbini (Buddha’s birthplace), Sarnath (where Buddha delivered his first teaching), Bodh Gaya (the place of Buddha’s Enlightenment) and Kushinara (the place of Buddha's nirvana).

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He hopes to gain merit and turn his life around. On the way he meets various people that shape his understanding of Buddhism: Uncle Kamol, a faithful old Thai man searching for refuge from a painful past; Ayako, a young Japanese woman with a backpack and a mysterious smile searching for an answer to questions she doesn't understand; and Jane, a hipster guy, who seems to have everything M. ever wanted, but who still is not satisfied.In the end M will have to take another journey in his mind to face the source of his suffering: himself.Q&A with director Gunparwitt Phuwadolwisid(Source: BFFE)


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