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BIAK Stories & Missing Scenes - een nieuw narratief voor koloniale film

Eye on Art: BIAK Stories & Missing Scenes

Filmmakers Monique Verhoeckx and Sabine Groenewegen talk with cultural historian Nancy Jouwe. In their artistic process, they make use of archival materials with a colonial background to create a new narrative. On how to express the ongoing resonance of heritage and identity.

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Filmmaker and visual artist Monique Verhoeckx is working on a cinematic installation using mixed media as well as an interdisciplinary project, BIAK Stories, investigating the effects of war, decolonisation and diaspora alongside themes such as identity and trauma.

In BIAK Stories, a cinematic installation made up of three projection screens, archival footage, sound design and objects, she probes a complicated romantic relationship within the tensions surrounding the decolonisation of Netherlands New Guinea.

Sabine Groenewegen is an artist and award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown internationally at film festivals and art centers. She will discuss her ongoing project Missing Scenes, which explores histories of women on rubber plantations in Sumatra in the early 20th century and the narrative machines which mediated the representation of those realities, including omissions in the archival remains.

Nancy Jouwe is a cultural historian and author. As a researcher, lecturer and curator she focuses on ethnicity, gender, race and misogynoir (hatred directed towards black women); Papuan heritage and identity and transcultural art projects are also covered by her research.

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Revolusi! at the Rijksmuseum and Revolusi! at Eye: both institutions will introduce you to the Indonesian war of decolonisation. The film museum will screen a programme of Indonesian ‘battle films’ of which some have never been seen in the Netherlands before.

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