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Blackhat 2015 michael mann 2


Michael Mann / US, 2015 / 133 min.

After some years’ absence, Michael Mann returned with a cyber-thriller that takes us from Los Angeles and Hong Kong to Jakarta – a delirious excursion into the twilight world of illegal hacking groups. Yorick van Wageningen plays the leader of a cyber-terrorist network that breaks into computer networks worldwide.

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18 July with Q&A with Yorick van Wageningen, led by Martin Koolhoven (in Dutch)

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Michael Mann

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Michael Mann

Film auteur Michael Mann (1943) directed his first feature film The Jericho Mile thirty years ago. High time to offer a comprehensive retrospective of the eleven films he made for the cinema and his two TV films. Plus of course, episodes of TV series directed, written or produced by Mann, including the influential Miami Vice.

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campaign image Heat & Vice: The Films of Michael Mann
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