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Blind Date

Theo van Gogh / NL, 1996 / 90 min.

Blind Date is the story of two parents who talk, flirt, and fight with each other to try and cope with the loss of their young daughter.

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They go on a series of "blind dates," each placing personal ads in the paper and pretending to be strangers when they meet. They do this over and over again, both playing a series of different roles, in a desperate attempt to overcome their buried grief and rebuild their shattered relationship.

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Theo van Gogh

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Blind Date


90 min.



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Theo van Gogh

On November 2 2014, it will be exactly ten years ago that columnist, interviewer and filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered. Eye screens his thirteen feature films and four of his favourite classics. Talk shows, live music and interviews further fill out the programme.

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