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Bob Spit - We Do Not Like People

Cesar Cabral / BR, 2021 / 90 min.

The wrath of an author in crisis won't spare his creations. And to avoid being eaten by the pop, the punk must face his creator...No feature film embraces the Kaboom craziness as Cesar Cabral'sBob Spit - We Do Not Like People. 

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Welcome to an ultrameta and foul-mouthed stop-motion animation film where an old, angry punk named Bob Spit is trying to escape a post-apocalyptic desert full of grotesque characters, including feral miniature Elton Johns with sharp teeth (it's quite literally pop trying to kill punk). Wait, it gets better: the wasteland is actually a purgatory inside the mind of Bob's creator, Angeli, a stubborn cartoonist going through a creative crisis.

Mixing documentary, comedy and road movie, Cabral's hallucinatory voyage into the conflict between creator and creation is not even entirely fictitious! The story is inspired by the life and work of one of the most celebrated Brazilian cartoonists of all time, Angeli. He became famous in the 70s by releasing political cartoons during Brazil's military dictatorship. Angeli's characters - and one in particular: Bob Spit, a rude ogre-like punk with an impressive mohawk - became more famous than himself. And when Angeli decided to move on and bury Bob, fans were asking for more, which left the cartoonist struggling with his creation.

Building on a short film and a TV series, the film is a weird, post-modern, even philosophical rollercoaster embracing the subversive, countercultural and anarchic spirit of Angeli's original cartoons. The question remains: can Bob escape Angeli's brain and teach him a lesson for killing him off? Bob Spit - We Do Not Like People won the Contrechamp Award at the Annecy Festival. Strap in for a bizarre cocktail that finally proves ... Punk is not dead!


Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Cesar Cabral

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Original title

Bob Cuspe - Nós Não Gostamos de Gente


90 min.





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Still Bob Spit We do not like People 2
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