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Bride of Frankenstein

James Whale / US, 1935

It is possibly the greatest hybris motif in horror and science fiction: creating life from dead matter. Baron Henry Frankenstein teams up with archetypal mad scientist Dr. Pretorius in this sequel to Frankenstein. Their goal: to fabricate a bride for the Monster in the laboratory and make a mockery of man’s mortality as the electric currents are spinning around the laboratory.

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On 4 November, Floris Kaayk will give a presentation (in Dutch) on his science fiction project The Modular Body. Scientist Cornelis Vlasman experiments with organic materials in his laboratory. What if the human body were not a closed system, but instead a modular design with separate parts? With the help of his own body cells he creates a new organism with a beating heart, lungs and interchangeable limbs. He calls it OSCAR. The Modular Body is an online science fiction archive with which we can explore fragments from Vlasman's research.

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What is unique about human beings when a robot can not only imitate our actions, but artificial intelligence even exceeds our thinking capacity?

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