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Büchse der Pandora, Die

Georg Pabst / DEUZE, 1928

Lulu is a coquette and can have her pick of men, but one encounter proves fatal. Brilliantly cast by Pabst, Louise Brooks shines as a vamp in Pabst’s adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s celebrated play about the destructive sides of seduction. With her bob haircut and emancipated air, Brooks came to epitomize the Roaring Twenties.

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Lulu wraps men around her litter finger and sends them to their ruin laughing – but will she come out if it unscathed herself? Even the seductress par excellence must have a fall; when Lulu crosses the path of none other than Jack the Ripper, her fate is sealed. “Lulu is not a real character, but the personification of a primitive sexuality who inspires evil unaware”, playwright Frank Wedekind once said about his creation.

Live musical accompaniment by Thijs Havens, front man of the Dutch indie rock band The Vagary.

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