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Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Min Sung-Ah is a young Korean animator who creates a beautiful, tangible atmosphere in her richly illustrated animations.

Poster Taartovers Film Festival 2021

Korean film maker Min Sung-Ah takes you outside, to those warm, jaded days when nothing seems to be happening. But then, when you are about to truly get bored, you suddenly see there is magic in the everyday life. Small animals up in the sky, tiny creatures under water, a missing cow: nature turns into an exciting space. Eventually the calm, dull peace returns in which nothing seems to be happening…

Min Sung-Ah's narrative, illustrative films show a strong connection with the world of Astrid Lindgren created, yet slightly different. Wonderful!

A ticket grants access to both the film programme and the Playground of the Imagination.



35 min.


no dialogue

Part of

Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Taartrovers Film Festival is visiting Eye with a programme created especially for young children aged two to nine. Here you can watch wonderful films and discover the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape filled with playful installations. Children can move freely through this landscape to explore, touch and taste.

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campaign image Taartovers Film Festival 2021

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