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Joel Potrykus / US, 2014 / 97 min.

Marty is the kind of guy who doesn’t get on the American Dream train. He prefers stealing the odd check and hanging around instead. As a horror metal slacker he still manages to land himself in some pretty hairy situations… Part of Looking for America: Slackers.

Poster buzzard

Slackers come in all shapes and sizes, from petty criminals to loafing and clueless thirty-something hipsters.

Marty is someone whose ambitions don”t go beyond the next pizza, the next concert and fabricating an original Freddy Krueger glove. A small-time crook, he's not above lifting a stack of checks from his employer, a mortgage bank. The downside is he”s got to make a run for it…

The up-tempo Buzzard is the final film in director Joel Potrykus” “animal trilogy” (he previously released the Super8 short film Coyote and the feature film Ape in 2012). The film won the Fipresci Film Critics Award at the Ljubljana film festival in 2014. Buzzard previously featured at the Locarno Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and the Indie Film Festival.



Joel Potrykus

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97 min.



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