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Cinedans - The Magical Grammar of Film

While dance has the biggest physical presence of all art forms, film, on the other hand, is the most elusive and invisible art form. Quite remarkable, because isn’t film – image and sound – ubiquitous?

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In his illustrated lecture, Ernie Tee, dramaturg and Professor at the Dutch Film and TV Academy, talks about image and meaning. More than other art forms, film seems to show a familiar world and speak a transparent language. On the contrary, film goes at lengths to hide itself and make itself elusive. Ernie Tee will give you a close-up look at this autonomous art form that has its own secrets and grammar.

Ernie Tee is scenario consultant, scenario developer and dramaturg. He contributed to the development of countless film and television productions. Ernie Tee is also Professor Film History and Film Analysis at the Dutch Film and TV Academy. He teaches Visual Aesthetics at Luca School of Arts in Brussel, and courses in screenplay and feature film at Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam. Ernie Tee is also part of this year”s jury of the Cinedans Student Award.



The magical grammar of film
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