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/ 45 min.

VR imposes a direct physical and sensory appeal on the viewer and is a particularly exciting medium for dancers and choreographers.

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Cinedans has put together two programmes featuring the most beautiful, interesting and exciting VR films. Be surprised and buy a ticket. You can choose from two different compiled programmes on the spot. Location: the Foyer next to Cinema 1.


  • Viens! (FR 2016, ’12)

    Three women and four men, naked, appear out of nowhere in a white, bright and sunny room. They meet, touch, share their energy, and are transformed spiritually – they let themselves become one with the world. The magic of VR will allow you to share this poetic, artistic and enlightening experience.

    Director: Michel Reilhac
    Co-director: Mélanie Le Grand

  • Or Bit (CN 2019, 15’)

    Who are you, as an audience in Or Bit? Are you breaking into someone else’s world? Or are you trapped as well? Or Bit is a 360 degrees dance film that gradually unveils the transition of X and Y as curious explorers to the trapped objects of observation.

    Director: Daming Zhang
    Choreographer: Fan Jiang

  • SHAME (NL 2021, 5’)

    360° Dance film by dance student from ArtEZ University for the Arts, who states: "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT REALLY WAS THE FIRST THING ON MY MIND WHEN I WOKE UP".

    Director: Amit Palgi

  • WITHIN (SP 2022, 9’)

    WITHIN is an immersive video-dance that invites the audience to join the mind of Eva, a dance artist. The film is structured in 4 different scenes. The spectator can choose what to see and for how long.

    Director: Jemima Cano
    Choreographer: Eva Guerrero
    Producer: DOOS Colectivo

  • Azimuth (SA 2019, 7’)

    Experimental fashion film subverting the idea of stereotypical notions of African identities as ethnic ‘Other’, performed in futuristic renders of South African Brutalist architecture.

    Director: Nirma Madhoo

  • Here (SA 2019, 10’)

    A music and dance performance by Johannesburg artists with disabilities, celebrating their craft while reimaging their city as an inclusive and fantastical space.

    Director: Shelly Barry

  • Ms. VeRtigo (IL 2019, 14’)

    360° film about Rona who lost her voice and body balance in a car accident. She dreams of being able to move again to the rhythm of music.

    Director: Rona Soffer

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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VR Film Or Bit by Daming Zhang
VR Film Viens by Michel Reilhac
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