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Bonnie and clyde 1

Cinema Egzotik: Faye Dunaway Night

1968 will be forever known as the year of the student uprisings, the Black Panther movement and the massive protests against the war in Vietnam. The free ‘spirit of ’68’, however, was noticeable in the cinema, with a new generation of actors and filmmakers staking their claim. Steve McQueen’s performance in Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affairwas über cool: a great deal of nudity, action and brazen behaviour with no respect for law and order.

Bonnie and clyde 2

Bonnie and Clyde Arthur Penn US 1967 English spoken 111' DCP


The Thomas Crown Affair Norman Jewison US 1968 English spoken Dutch subtitled 100” 35mm

Rich playboy Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen) masterminds a bank robbery because he”s bored; his adversary Vicky (Faye Dunaway) falls hook, line and sinker for the charms of the trendy Crown in shades. DOP Haskell Wexler made abundant use of split-screen images, slow-motion takes and sunlight refracted in the lens – popular style tools in the sixties – while Dunaway and McQueen, both clad in stylish outfits, just can”t seem to get enough of each other.


Bonnie and clyde 2
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