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Cinema Egzotik: Spy Night

John Glen GB US 1983, 131’ colour English spoken, Dutch subtitles

Moore caine

Egzotik programmer Martin Koolhoven:

“The Ipcress File is one of the most enjoyable Bond clones ever. The first Harry Palmer film (Michael Caine had signed up for seven films, but backed out after the third) is something else. Octopussy is probably my favourite James Bond film, so we”re in for a great spy night.

The Ipcress File

He wears black horn-rimmed glasses and his suits come off the peg. He also has a Cockney accent, does all his shopping in the supermarket and likes to cook for himself. There”s nothing about Harry Palmer to suggest he lives an exciting life as a secret agent. All the same, he”s been chosen to find out why so many western scientists have vanished without a trace, beginning with the missing Dr Radcliffe… The Ipcress File was adapted from Len Deighton”s novel of the same name. When the film was released in 1965, the Dutch film reviewer and detective writer Hendrik Jan Oolbekkink described Palmer as a “pleasant antidote against all that clever but blunt violence in James Bond.”


Roger Moore is his usual cool, sophisticated and ironic self in this slightly muddled Bond film, in which 007 pursues an Afghan prince who is after a Fabergé egg that only just dropped from the hands of assassinated agent 009. The film is fast-paced with its spectacular action scenes and unexpectedly changing camera angles, actress Maud Adams makes a stunning appearance as Octopussy, the leader of a gang of female jewel thieves.

In cooperation with James Bond Nederland.


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Ipcress file eye filmmuseum01