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Cinema Egzotik: William Friedkin Sequel Night

What this edition of Egzotik tells us is that the sequels of surefire classics are not always controversy-free. How to go beyond the spectacular exorcism of The Exorcist and the tough detective work ofThe French Connection? The answer is simple: you come up with a controversial sequel.

William friedkin sequel

Egzotik programmer Martin Koolhoven explains. 'Tonight we bring you something we”ve not done before: we will be screening the two sequels to the films featured in the previous edition of Egzotik. Both sequels were not by Friedkin (the original director), both films were made by prominent directors and both were equally controversial. The French Connection II really deserves a second shot. John Frankenheimer”s sequel is far better than you might think or remember, and Hackman simply shines. The Exorcist II is possibly the most hated sequel ever, but is worth watching if only because of Ennio Morricone”s score. John Boorman made a radical departure from the original and nobody thanked him for it. Tonight we”ll see whether he got a fair deal. We may very well be the first to rescreen this film in 35mm.”

The French Connection II

John Frankenheimer USA 1975 119”Frankenheimer took over from Friedkin for The French Connection II. Detective 'Popeye' Doyle (Gene Hackman) once more travels to Marseilles to try and nab drug lord Charnier (Fernando Rey), the villain who got away in the original. Charnier, however, gets Doyle hooked on heroin, and Popeye has to go cold turkey all the way before he can set things right.

Exorcist II: The Heretic

John Boorman USA 1977 122”The Exorcist, Friedkin”s adaptation of William Peter Blatty”s bestselling novel, starring Linda Blair as the foul-mouthed and possessed Regan, sent shockwaves through the audiences. Blair is back in business, the exorcist on duty this time is none other than Richard Burton. The demon lives on and Ennio Morricone lends lustre to the battle against Satan with a terrific score.


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