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La moufle

Cinemini: Het kleine vogeltje

Cinemini: Het kleine vogeltje

Eye’s Cinemini is open especially for preschoolers and their parents. Every Sunday, children aged 2 to 6 are treated to animation films and can play with their parents close by.

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Children aged 2-6 experience their first cinema visit in Eye”s finest and cosiest film theatre. After watching some special short animated films, often from Eye”s own rich collection, the children can play with light and shadow in small play tents and on a large lightbox supervised by De Taartrovers (The Pie Robbers, a small collective organizing interactive cultural activities for kids).

La moufle (Clementine Robach, FR 2014)It”s snowing. Lily and her granddad are building a birdhouse to help the birds survive the winter. Lily, however, wonders where the other animals are going to live in the garden. That”s why she puts one of her warm mittens at the foot of the tree where they hung the birdhouse.

The Little Bird and the Leaf (Lena von Döhren, CH 2012)It”s winter. At the end of a branch hangs a single leaf, which drops when a little black bird flies past it. The wind lifts the leaf and dances with it through the snowy wood. A little bird joins in the fun. But the red fox behind the tree is already licking his lips.

The Little Bird and the Squirrel (Lena von Döhren, CH 2014)It”s autumn. There”s one last leaf hanging at the end of a long branch. The little bird wants to water it, but the playful squirrel snatches away its green watering can. The little bird runs to catch him, but there”s a fiery red fox lurking behind the tree.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar (Lena von Döhren, CH 2017)The little bird enjoys its peace and quiet high up in its tree, but then an unexpected guest turns up. The caterpillar would like to munch all the green leaves the little bird has looked after so tenderly.

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Eye’s finest and most intimate film theatre is a great place for children aged 2 to 6 to experience their first cinema visit. Every Sunday morning, Eye’s Cinemini opens especially for preschoolers and their (grand)parents, where children are treated to a film, followed by experiments with light and shadow in small play tents.

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The little bird and the leaf
The little bird and the squirrell

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