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Cinemini: Minuscule

Cinemini: Minuscule

Cinemini: Minuscule

Eye’s Cinemini theatre is open every Sunday for toddlers, preschoolers and their parents. Children aged 2 to 6 can watch animated films and play with their parents within reach. This month we present a great animated film about the life of insects, a film buzzing with delight!

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Meet the insect family and join them on an adventure through green meadows full of flowers.

Minuscule by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud was a hit series in France, owing to its pleasant animation style, the marvellous sound effects and the surprising angle: the story is told from the perspective of the animals. Insects may seem tiny, but everything changes when you look at the world through their eyes.

Ants, spiders, crane flies and ladybirds turn out to be just like humans and get mixed up in all kinds of funny and poetical episodes. A special feature of Minuscule is the interweaving of documentary footage, which brings the natural world even closer.

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Cinemini: Minuscule
Cinemini: Minuscule

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