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Still Kaboom Shorts in Competition Commissioned 1

Commissioned Shorts

Kaboom Animation Festival 2022

For hire: an animator. Result: 100% creativity and satisfaction!

poster Kaboom Animation Festival 2022

Companies and initiatives frequently ask animators to help out in order to get their messages across. Luckily, that means that we get quality content for this program! Enjoy an anthology of the very best commissioned shorts of the past year, including films on animal cruelty, Covid-19, the infamous Attica Prison Rebellion, disinformation, the shortage of clean water and so much more.



47 min.

Part of

Kaboom Animation Festival

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s Kaboom Animation Festival and its le-gen-da-ry program!

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campaign image Kaboom Animation Festival 2022
Still Kaboom Shorts in Competition Commissioned 1
Still Kaboom Shorts in Competition Commissioned 2
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