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Still Cosmic Chant Niño de Elche

Cosmic Chant. Niño de Elche

Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz / ES, 2021 / 93 min.

Singer, performer and artist Niño de Elche is renowned for his groundbreaking vision of flamenco. Playfully provoking his audience, he invites them to consider a question: What can flamenco be?

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Musician Niño de Elche, born in 1985, is renowned for his groundbreaking vision of flamenco. Much more than just a flamenco singer, he is a performer, singer-songwriter and artist. He started using his art at a very young age to question the rules of classical flamenco—touching a nerve with family and fans alike, as we discover from short interviews. But this has done nothing to halt the progress of our impassioned protagonist, as he continues to transform this new style of flamenco into a medium for social criticism.

He incorporates his own body and identity into his music, and splices classical flamenco with confrontational news footage. Set against synthesized sounds and solid beats, a new and challenging form of flamenco emerges. The wildly varied and playfully edited clips from shows, performances and art works invite the viewer to join in and think about whether an artist can break the rules set by classical art. For Niño de Elche, the answer is clear.

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Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz

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