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still Cuadecuc, vampir (Pere Portabella, ES 1971)

Cuadecuc, vampir

Pere Portabella / ES, 1971 / 66 min.

Catalan underground filmmaker Pere Portabella used his 16mm camera to shoot an experimental making-of documentary about Jess Franco’s B movie El conde Dracula, starring Christopher Lee. The processed documentary footage turned out to be scarier than the film itself… Chosen by Albert Serra.

poster Cuadecuc, vampir (Pere Portabella, ES 1971)

Spain, in the early 1970s. While mass tourism to Spanish beaches gathers pace and fascist dictator Francisco Franco is doing everything he can to keep his brutal regime in power, Catalan filmmaker and producer Pere Portabella is clandestinely working on an experimental documentary.

Cuadecuc, vampir – ‘cuadecuc’ is Catalan for ‘worm-tail’ and refers to the last, unshot portion of the film roll in the camera – is a vampiric deconstruction of the vampire film; Portabella’s camera sinks its metaphorical fangs into the neck of Jesse Franco’s commercial production, the frame of which is exposed, and so becomes meat for a new vampire film, beyond classification.

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Pere Portabella

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Cuadecuc, vampir


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Albert Serra

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Why in Eye

The link with Serra is clear. He plays with the Dracula character in Story of My Death (2013) and is interested in the ambiguous interaction between actor and character – in the same way that, in Portabella’s film, alongside ‘Dracula’ we also see actor Christopher Lee himself, outside of his role, cracking jokes on camera.

Thijs Havens
Programmer Eye Filmmuseum

still Cuadecuc, vampir (Pere Portabella, ES 1971)
still Cuadecuc, vampir (Pere Portabella, ES 1971)
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