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Cuba & Che: ¡Hasta la revolución siempre!

A Cuban evening starting with a look at Che Guevara, the revolution’s poster boy in 1968. Demonstrators carried his image with them, shouting that they would continue the revolution in his name. Unique footage of Che, who perfectly embodied the wild appeal of insurrection with his longish hair, his baret and his cigar. The programme also features Memories of Underdevelopment, a compelling portrait of the young Cuban intellectual Sergio: how does he relate to Castro’s regime? The film won the Camera d'Or at Cannes. Introduction by Gert Oostindie.

Memorias del subdesarrollo

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Fifty years ago, students, factory workers and filmmakers challenged the Establishment, from Paris to Mexico City, carrying not only bricks but also agile and light 16mm cameras.

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campaign image 1968: You Say You Want a Revolution (© Bruno Barbey)
Memorias del subdesarrollo 2