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DADDA: Donald and Daisy Duck Adventure

Paul McCarthy / US, 2019 / 93 min.

© Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthyCourtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth

poster DADDA (Paul McCarthy)

The saloon is the skull, the characters stay in the saloon as they kill and abuse one another repeatedly. They reanimate in each new scene. The characters depict iconic individuals, yet perhaps more critically, types of human caricatures ever present in society and media. The performers are involved in an action of pretend.

The characters are in a state of delusion, often a dark, violent, and insane state of being. Both men and women are caught in this trap: the skull, the set, the saloon.

The characters in DADDA are Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Bonkers Duck, Nancy Reagan, Ivana, John Wayne, Poncho, Jack, Minnie, Andy Warhol, Heidi, Paul Ryan andthe Cartwrights: Ben, Hoss, Adam, and Little Joe.

saloon replica

The saloon set used for DADDA – Poodle House Saloon is a replica of the saloon used in Rainer Werner Fassbinder”s 1971 film Whity. This set was also used in Sergio Leone”s 1966 classic Spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, starring Clint Eastwood.

The original set exists to this day in Mini Hollywood, a wild-west town in Almeria, Spain, that American western movie directors frequently used as a cheaper filming location in the 1960s and 70s. In re-creating this set, a kind of cultural looping and layering occurred and is now embedded in DADDA.

The performance is a form of abstracted appropriation, a tool to critique, to peel the onion of what is.

Created by Paul McCarthy; directed by Paul McCarthy & Damon McCarthy.

Cast: Paul McCarthy as Donald Duck, Rachel Alig as Daisy Duck, Jennifer Daley as Bonkers, Kerry Wieder as Nancy Reagan, James Skinner as Andy Warhol, Honey Lauren as Ivana, Natasha Estrada as Heidi, Lillian Solange as Minnie Mouse Jesse McBride as John Wayne, Jose De Jesus Martinez as Cowboy/Pancho, Bernhard Schütz as Ben Cartwright, Michael Villar as Hoss Cartwright and Dave Vescio as Adam Cartwright.

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Paul McCarthy

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DADDA: Donald and Daisy Duck Adventure


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DADDA: Donald and Daisy Duck Adventure (Paul McCarthy)
DADDA (Paul McCarthy)
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