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Dag van de Korte Film - Kinderprogramma

On the shortest day of the year, 21 December, we celebrate Short Film Day. With a special children’s program for age 4+, children are treated to a program packed with the best European short animation. On a bicycle or a motorbike, at the bottom of the sea or in the forest, this program takes you to the most beautiful places you have ever seen!

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Cat Lake City (Antje Heyn, DE 2019, 7')Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in Cat Lake City– the cats' vacation paradise. But the place is not as expected. Not even the spot on the towel is as safe as he thought…

Knock Knock (Ivana Guljašević Kuman, HR 2018, 4')The yellow submarine dives through the ocean, meeting different creatures who greet the submarine and the little girl in it. But is the submarine really diving in an ocean? Or is it all just part of a game fed by the imagination of a little girl with a toy and a bucket full of water?

Grandma's Pancakes (Dominyka Adomaitytė, Vykintas Labanauskas, LT 2019, 2')It”s a film about a grandmother desperately waiting for a visit.

The Last Day of Autumn (Marjolaine Perreten, CH 2019, 8')Forest animals secretly collect abandoned bike parts with the intention of building vehicles that fit their size. A great race is preparing. The last day of Autumn's race.

Paraplü (Markus Kempken, DE 2008, 2')Three men in the rain. Which of them will get wet?

Unhinged (Tom Caulfield, IE 2015, 3')The squeaky hinge gets the oil. But when the squeak escapes the oil, it's sure to get you!

Combing (Eglė Mameniškytė, LT 2019, 5')Combing is a meditative act leading to contemplation and introspection. It is an animated self portrait sculpted in motion and time about memory and relationship with the other. Hair becomes a symbolic thread that connects past and present, memories and the current father-daughter relationship.

Trampoline (Maarten Koopman, NL 2013, 3')The screen is a trampoline on which people and animals frolic. From under the trampoline pad we watch, amused, until things take an unexpected turn…

Ride (Paul Bush, PT/UK 2018, 6')Hundreds of motorbikes are animated frame by frame in this homage to the iconic motorcycle design and culture of the 1950s and 60s. A rider prepares his bike and departs on an idealised journey into the countryside and into the future.


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