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Still Watamula Kevin Osepa NL 2020

Dag van De Korte Film - NL programma

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Dag van de Korte Film

De Dag van De Korte Film (Short Film Day) is celebrated on 21 December, the shortest day of the year. On this day, audiences in Dutch film theatres are treated to a special programme of the best homegrown short films, such as Golden Calf winner Pantser, a short thriller by Jan Verdijk that resonates with current affairs. And Watamula by Kevin Osepa, a magical-realistic panorama set in the beautiful landscapes of the island Curaçao.

poster Dag van de Korte Film 2021

The films are screened with English subtitles, and the programme can also watched online via Picl.


  • still from A Remark You Made (Hanna van Niekerk, NL 2021)

    A Remark You Made (Hanna van Niekerk, NL 2021, fiction, 24’)

    When Amy asks her boyfriend Joshua to play the lead role in her film about racism, she seems blind to the stereotypes that she has unwittingly created. This leads to the young couple embarking on a trajectory previously unknown to them, touching on subjects with the potential to derail their relationship. Grappling with this situation, Joshua turns to his mother for guidance.

  • still from Pilar (Janis Joy Epping, Diana van Houten, Yngwy Boley, NL 2020)

    Pilar (Janis Joy Epping, Diana van Houten, Yngwy Boley, NL 2020, animation, 10’)

    A dangerous intruder gives Pilar the chance to discover the wild animal within and the means to escape the post-apocalyptic village she lives in.
    World première at Toronto International Film Festival, Winner Best Traditional Animation Film at Florida Animation Festival

  • Still Watamula Kevin Osepa NL 2020

    Watamula (Kevin Osepa, NL 2020, fiction, 25’)

    Visual artist and filmmaker Kevin Osepa, for whom the identity of young Afro-Caribbeans is an important subject, molds this short film into a magical-realistic panorama bringing together landscape and fate, spirituality, sensuality, and machismo. Osepa was selected as Talent en Route at the 2021 edition of the Netherlands Film Festival, so definitely a talent to keep an eye on!

  • still from Pantser (Jan Verdijk, NL 2021)

    Pantser (Jan Verdijk, NL 2021, fiction, 21’)

    Who can be trusted during a worldwide pandemic? Two young sisters forced into isolation, are suspicious when a man appears offering help.
    Winner Golden Calf Best Short Film at Nederlands Film Festival 2021

  • still from Wall#4 (Lucas Camps, NL 2021)

    Wall#4 (Lucas Camps, NL 2021, fiction, 8’)

    When a cinema audience starts mocking the film they're watching, the events in the theater take an unexpected turn.
    Winner Best Short Film Award at Oldenburg International Film Festival



114 min.



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