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De keuze van Koolhoven - Eva Cleven’s choice: Black Cat, White Cat

Filmmaker and total cinephile Martin Koolhoven (Winter in Wartime, Brimstone) talks about everything that makes film worthwhile in De Keuze van Koolhoven. Tonight Koolhoven talks with Eva Cleven, Radio FunX DJ and former presenter of the Golden Calf Gala, about the infectious comedy Black Cat, White Cat by the Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica.

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The third episode of De Keuze van Koolhoven highlights the leading man of gorgeously chaotic, exhilarating and logic-defying Balkan cinema.

rambunctious romani feud

The hyperenergetic Black Cat, White Cat (1998) of two-time Golden Palm winner Emir Kusturica (1954) tells the story of two feuding Romani families. To bury the hatchet, the son of the one Romani boss will have to marry the other boss”s daughter, against their will.

What happens next is best described as Balkan madness at its finest, broadest and craziest in a dynamic montage of rambunctious, magic-realistic footage.

infectious balkan music

Black Cat, White Cat is the film of choice of Eva Cleven (1986), Radio FunX DJ, presenter of Het Klokhuis (NPO3) and VPRO 2doc editor. Martin Koolhoven talks with Eva – who has a backgroud in music history – about their shared fondness for Kusturica”s “gypsy” film which is carried by infectious Balkan music. Clips from the film will be shown during their talk.

Koolhoven chose Eva to be the first guest in his programme because she is so obviously into film. He met her when she interviewed him for the NPO programme 3Lab which focused on film. Eva also presented the Golden Calf Gala and hosted the daily talkshow at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht a few times.


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