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De Keuze van Koolhoven: Night of the Vampires

Filmmaker and irrepressible cinephile Martin Koolhoven (Winter in Wartime, Brimstone) talks about everything that makes film worthwhile in his De Keuze van Koolhoven, focusing especially on one of his big favourites, the rich history of the genre film. This month Koolhoven considers the genre of the vampire film with The Lost Boys, a teenage horror comedy by Joel Schumacher starring Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim, Jami Gertz and Dianne Wiest.

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Once a month, on a Thursday, regular as clockwork, Koolhoven offers De Keuze van Koolhoven, when he talks with his infectious enthusiasm about everything that makes film worthwhile. Each month, the spotlight”s on what particularly fascinates him, with actors, filmmakers, special guests and audience present. With one or two films to enjoy, a beer on the side, get ready to take a refreshing dip into the cinematographic past and let yourself be guided by the filmmaker with the gift of the gab and the merrily stomping cowboy boots!


For Night of the Vampires Martin Koolhoven decided on The Lost Boys, a slick teenage horror film that was director Joel Schumacher”s finest hour. Vampires sporting mullets, kitschy drum beats: there”s no mistaking we”re dealing with an eighties mainstream interpretation of the genre film. The film focuses on two brothers who have just moved to the coastal town of Santa Cruz and suspect that the local group of hangabouts might just be vampires. Preceded by Martin”s favorite scenes from the genre of the vampire film.


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