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De kijk van Koolhoven: Aliens

Not really interested in dry lectures, but keen to learn everything there is to know about film? With his irresistible gift of the gab, presenter Martin Koolhoven takes us through the history of film. Martin himself will join us at Eye to watch all six episodes of the VPRO TV series De Kijk van Koolhoven on the big screen, in advance of the TV broadcast. 

poster De Kijk van Koolhoven

Every week Eye pre-premieres an episode of De Kijk van Koolhoven, in advance of the TV broadcast. After each episode, Martin Koolhoven introduces his film of choice to be screened this evening. Tonight: Aliens, with The Hidden as the main feature.

The Hidden (Jack Sholder, US 1987, 97')This evening the VPRO episode Aliens, followed by Martin”s film of choice The Hidden, a horror film by Jack Sholder. Police officer Thomas Beck (Michael Nouri) can”t understand why two upright citizens should suddenly turn violent, homicidal and very fond of fast cars. He is even more mystified when the unworldly FBI Special Agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) seeks his help. What Beck does not know is that a sinister extraterrestrial force aims to take over the world and that Gallagher wants to help him prevent this.

An original SF story, featuring highly stylised photography by Jacques Haitkin. The effects were reduced to a minimum in favour of the human touch. Bob Hunt”s screenplay is ingenious and effective and is replete with thundering action scenes and psychological terror. The score of this breathtaking thriller is by Michael Convertino. The film won the Grand Prize at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival in 1988. Starring Michael Nouri, Kyle MacLachlan, Ed O'Ross, Clu Gulager and Claudia Christian. (VPRO)


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