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Beeld gangsters scarface

De kijk van Koolhoven: American Gangsters 1

Not really interested in dry lectures, but keen to learn everything there is to know about film? With his irresistible gift of the gab, presenter Martin Koolhoven takes us through the history of film. Martin himself will join us at Eye to watch all six episodes of the VPRO TV series De Kijk van Koolhoven on the big screen, in advance of the TV broadcast. 

poster De Kijk van Koolhoven

Every week Eye pre-premieres an episode of De Kijk van Koolhoven, in advance of the TV broadcast. After each episode, Martin Koolhoven introduces his film of choice to be screened this evening. This evening the VPRO episode American Gangsters. Martin examines the rich and bloody history of the American gangster film, paying special attention to The Godfather. Brian De Palma's remake of Scarface, however, a film that turned into a cult hit over the years, was not included in the episode.​​​​​​

Scarface (Brian De Palma, US 1983, 170')Tony Montana works his way up to become a ruthless drug lord in early 1980s Miami. It is the inevitable culmination of the criminal career pursued by this Cuban refugee from Fidel Castro”s regime, who turns into Greater Miami”s worst nightmare in the early “80s. Giorgio Moroder”s score provided a fine frisson of kitsch to the explosions of violence.


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