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De kijk van Koolhoven: Sequels and Remakes

Not interested in dry lectures, but keen to learn everything there is to know about film? With his great gift of the gab, filmmaker Martin Koolhoven is ready to fill you in on his favourite genre films. All six episodes of the VPRO TV series De Kijk van Koolhoven can be watched on the big screen at Eye, before the show is even broadcast. 

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As in the previous season of De Kijk van Koolhoven, Martin looks at film history from various angles. Tonight he will explore the sequel and the remake, all too common features of the film industry, but also a phenomenon with a rich history all of its own. Followed by a screening of the main feature Little Shop of Horrors.

Little Shop of Horrors (Frank Oz, US 1986, 102')Steve Martin and James Belushi star in supporting roles in Oz” successful mix of comedy and musical: it doesn”t get much better than this. The diffident Seymour, who stumbles upon an “unusual” little plant, is the main character. “Audrey II”, as the bit of green is called, soon turns out to be an extremely nasty bit of flora…

Frank Oz based himself on the musical by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who for their part were inspired by Roger Corman”s 1960 low-budget black comedy production of the same name.

Martin Koolhoven:

“It”s always the same old story. There”s so much to talk about in a single episode that in the end, little gems are underexplored or have to be turned down. I had Little Shop of Horrors on my longlist for both the “Sequels & Remakes” episode and the one on Aliens – but eventually, it all boils down to “killing your cinematic darlings” – fortunately I”m allowed scope at Eye to expand a little.


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