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Rembrandt in de schuilkelderzondertekst

De Mythe Sandberg

Willem Sandberg remains by far the best known and most idealized director in the history of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. Two films from EYE’s collection, Waar de blanke top der duinen (Where the White Top of the Dunes, 1941) and Rembrandt in de schuilkelder (Rembrandt in the Air-Raid Shelter, 1941-1946) illustrate how Sandberg himself ingeniously contributed to the myth that was created around him.Programme in Dutch

Waar de blanke top de duinen still

Sandberg”s pioneering ideas about art, his often radical views on the museum and his role in the Dutch resistance movement immediately before and during World War Two continue to inspire today. The curators of the exhibition Stedelijk in the War in the Stedelijk Museum (27 February – 31 May 2015) have tried to put the “Sandberg myth” into perspective. Two previously unscreened films from EYE”s collection, Waar de blanke top der duinen (1941) and Rembrandt in de schuilkelder (1941-1946), illustrate how Sandberg ingeniously helped to build his mythic status.Time for a fresh look at the “Sandberg myth” by talking to contemporaries and a new generation of researchers. The evening”s programme includes the screening of the two previously mentioned films and a panel discussion led by Lennart Booij (television producer and host of the documentary De Zoektocht: Willem Sandberg, AVROTROS, 2006). This programme is a collaboration between EYE and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


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