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still from De witte waan (Adriaan Ditvoorst)

De witte waan

Adriaan Ditvoorst / NL, 1984 / 96 min.

Mothers and sons: the relationship doesn’t always work. The romantic decadent painter Laszlo (Thom Hoffman) is nevertheless reconciled with his dying mother – after which it’s all the way to the end in style, with champagne and pills.

De witte waan poster

Screened in 35mm (Eye collection).

Preceded by: Carna (Adriaan Ditvoorst NL 1969 12'). An impression of carnival in the southern Dutch province of Brabant, shot in Technicolor and Cinemascope. The cinematography was by Jan de Bont.

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Adriaan Ditvoorst

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De witte waan


96 min.



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still from De witte waan (Adriaan Ditvoorst)
still from De witte waan (Adriaan Ditvoorst)
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